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TRICK WORM 2"/SPANKY WORM 3" (area trout series, new 2018!)
LUCKY JOHN UNAGI SLUG floating softbaits(NEW 2016, HOT!!!)
LUCKY JOHN JOCO SHAKER floating softbaits(NEW 2015)
Lucky John TIOGA (shad, biodegradable softbait)
Lucky John TIOGA FAT 3.9",4.5"& 5.8" (New, 2016 prototype)
Lucky John S-SHAD TAIL ( biodegradable softbait, New 2015)
Lucky John MINNOW ( biodegradable softbaits, New 2015)
Lucky John LONG JOHN (shad, biodegradable softbait)
Lucky John BALLIST (twister, biodegradable softbait, 2.5"/3.3/4")
Lucky John MR. GREEDY (shad, biodegradable softbait)
Lucky John J.I.B.TAIL (twister, biodegradable softbait)
Lucky John HOGY SHRIMP ("creature", biodegradable softbait, NEW!)
VARIVAS braided lines (Japan)
VARIVAS&SEAGUAR&DAIWA fluorocarbon lines (Japan)
VARIVAS (GRAN) hooks (Japan)
VARIVAS clothing and accessories
BAIT BREATH (Japan) biodegradable softbaits
KEITECH softbaits (Japan)
REINS (Japan) softbaits
LUNKER CITY softbaits (USA)
BASS ASSASIN softbaits (USA)
GAMBLER softbaits
TOIRTAP scented "edible" softbaits (Ukraine)
VANFOOK hooks (Japan)
DECOY hooks (Japāna)
SAWAMURA(Japāna) biodegradable softbaits(NEW&HOT!)
OWNER (Japan) hooks, softbaits, accesories
YGK auklas (Japan)
SEAGUAR braided lines (Japan,New!)
INTECH FURIOUS WX4 (Japan, YGK patented) braided lines
INTECH X4 un X8 braided lines (NEW!)
INTECH FC fluorocarbon lines (Japan) (NEW!)
INTECH softbaits (Ukraine, NEW!)
JIG.LV "MANDULA" floating foam lures (NEW 2018!)
Jigheads and "cheburashka" (tungsten)
Jigheads and "cheburashka" (lead)
FOX RAGE soft baits
SAVAGE GEAR lures, rods etc.
Attractants ( MEGASTRIKE, SFT etc.)
CRAZY FISH spinning rods
CRAZY FISH biodegradable softbaits (NEW&HOT!)
RYOBI rods
DAIWA & cormoran spinning rods (NEW!)
Other hooks, leaders, accesories etc. (JIG.LV, AGAT, CRAZY FISH etc.)
HITFISH hooks&accessories&gloves (New!)
DAIWA&Cormoran clothing
AGAT balanced ice lures (NEW 2017!)
KUUSAMO lures (Finland)
Icefishing lures (AGAT etc.) NEW!
ANPLAST (fish scaling bundle, tackle boxes)
New product
KEITECH Stainless Steel fishing pliers, Blue color, 12.5cm, 51g
KEITECH Stainless Steel fishing pliers, Blue color, 12.5cm, 51g
9.99 €
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